Wallpaper Engine

⚡ Wallpaper Engine - Free workshop Wallpapers

There is so much good things going on in this software. There's settings in this application that you would see in games, I'll list all of them under what title it's tabbed under first up is the customize tab tickable option let's the application change taskbar colour etc to match animated wallpaper automatically, performance tab in there is 3 drop down menus that let you choose if you wish to keep the animated wallpapers running while in fullscreen apps etc or not there's also presets for low, medium and high with AA up to MSAA x8, resolution drop down full or half, fps slider MAX 50fps, tickable post processing and reflections. General tab let's you set priority with windows, adjust windows color, select audio input devices, slideable audio for the input device, there's also advanced options here too Direct X 11, 9 and OpenGL. This also works amazingly with 3 screens it lets you choose seperate images for each screen or stretch one on all three. My favourite thing has to be the addition of Steam Workshop on day one so easy to use and it's super simple... just one click away from a new wallpaper or two, three... TEN!

Three bad things I'd like to get out of the way is one and the most important thing the software seems to randomly take charge in launching as a game or not in Steam... I would like a setting to turn it off completely I bought it to use on my computer not to show up in my games list and the last thing would be pretty bad support for the stretch over multiple screens option everything is just blurry or bad but still I can give credit were credit is due option is there so not half bad! Another bad thing about it is the hoards of weaboos poisoning the workshop with hentai, anime and loli artworks, so DesktopHut gallery comes to help, because here you can find hand picked beautiful optimized HD animated wallpapers and there is no trash!

I would love to give this software a 10 out of 10 but nothing is worth a perfect score BUT this is amazing. Seriously though I'm not joking when I say I'll never ever go back to 2D wallpapers ever again!