Video Preview of macOS Backgrounds 9.0 Live Wallpaper Software

MacOS Live Wallpapers launcher. Backgrounds makes your desktop dynamic with 6 themes: iTunes, Parallax, Quartz, Video, System and Time.

Hide your Desktop icons easily and enjoy your wallpaper. As it’s meant to be.



See the artwork of the current track you are hearing as a wallpaper, or a video you have added to Backgrounds that matches the song’s title, artist, album or comments. Excellent for playing music videos.

• Compatible with iTunes, Spotify and Swinsian


Give depth to your desktop by moving the cursor.

• Take advantage of your Panoramas and create immersive wallpapers

• Supports Photos Albums


Play video as your desktop wallpaper. Express yourself with your own videos and live wallpapers.

• Supports Photos Albums

• Video Library

- The Video Library subscription offers access to a curated collection of videos to use as your wallpaper. Expand your videos collection and enjoy your video wallpaper

- The subscription is optional and all the features of the app are available without it


Run Quartz Compositions as a wallpaper. Make your own Quartz Compositions or download them.

• Access to iTunes, Spotify and Swinsian current track info


Monitor your Mac’s CPU and Network usage.

• Get a glance of your system’s stats from Notification Center with the today widget


Know the time or date right from your Desktop


Load a webpage as your wallpaper. Create your own or use an existing one.

• Includes 3D Parallax

Screen Savers

• Quartz X: Run a Quartz Composition while you are away from your Mac. Visualize your music artwork and info when playing music with iTunes, Spotify or Swinsian

• Glass: a transparent Screen Saver. Lock your Mac and see what it's doing, from your music artwork, to a task in progress, the system status, anything

• Supports Multiple Monitors with different preferences each

• You can even combine them. Activate the System and Clock widgets so they are always on top, even when you are using other themes

• Set an idle theme so when your Mac is idle it automatically activates a theme even in full screen so you can watch a video, see your music artwork, the system stats and more

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    macOS Backgrounds 9.0 Live Wallpaper Software

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  • Published on June 19, 2023
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