Do you have any concrete ideas to improve DesktopHut ?

Ask / RequestCategory: QuestionsDo you have any concrete ideas to improve DesktopHut ?
⭐️Dhut Staff asked 1 year ago
WolffeCommander Staff replied 1 year ago

I would like to say that the DesktopHut is working perfectly, but there one thing that I would like to be improved. The app uses alot of my computer’s processor (almost 50%), and this has decent specs. Is there any way to minimize the startup time, and computer effect that the app drains while it is on in the background? Steam and Discord, two well known apps, use very little power when running in the background, and the developers continue to work on that issue to be user friendly to potato computers. Other than that, is there a category for 4k wallpapers?

⭐️Dhut Staff replied 1 year ago


Yes, working on that + looking for people who is better on coding than me 🙂 4k category ? Sure, why not.. we working on more categories, just give us time 🙂

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