Raiden Mei is a protagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd along with Kiana Kaslana and Bronya Zaychik. She is the natural 3rd Herrscher and a member of the St. Freya team. Mei has dark purple long hair and indigo eyes. In her Herrscher Form, she has red eyes and has red horns on her head. In A-Post-Honkai-Odyssey, Mei has long hair and purple eyes, and wears a white and black suit with a blue feather on it, blue-purple gloves, black thigh highs and shoes. When Mei became the 3rd Herrscher, Mei’s Herrscher personality woke. Mei’s Herrscher personality was originally very malicious and cold: viewing those lower than her as scum. Her Herrscher personality could not only feel her pain, but also her joy (along with her feelings for Kiana). The Herrscher personality was touched when Kiana caught Mei from the edge of the school rooftop. However, both Mei and the Herrscher personality grew fearful of hurting Kiana and losing this precious bond. The Herrscher personality concealed herself within Mei, and studied Kiana in secret.

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