Arisa is a very cheerful elf, being optimistic towards all people she meets. She always believes that there is good in others, even when they’re an antagonist or villain. having little knowledge of the world, Arisa is Naive, often being surprised at minor things, like the water canals in Izunia. She is a determined individual who’s good heart often gets her in trouble, however, has the strength to move one. On ocassion she is disheartened, such as when Nexus took Losaria away. Yet, her strong resolve makes her keep going. Perhaps being the most sociable and kind of the group, Arisa is quick to make friends no matter where she goes, as seen with Setus and Maisha. She considers all the chosen ones as friends and, although each of them have a different reason for fighting and a different approach, Arisa believes in their bond and forgives them for any fault they may done to her. Arisa is able to acknowledge her shortcomings, if they are visible to her, other times, her naive mind is unable to discern them. This is seen in her dream, as unbeknownst to even her, she had a great deal of envy towards Losaria. While still considering her a friend, she had jealousy toward Losaria, as to her, Losaria was perfect and she was not. Kind-hearted and warm, she often worries about Luna, who is just a child and got involved in a major battle, and towards any doubt or grief her companions may have.

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