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Important Issues

Content Creation

Learn the basics of QML for Wallpapers and Widgets in 5 minutes

  • Video Wallpaper. You can import any WebM file directly or use the importer for any other video type.
  • Performance Guidelines. You need a modern GPU for smooth playback. You can always use QML/HTML/GIF wallpaper if you encounter performance issues!
  • Video import via Handbrake. Handbrake offers easy bulk import of videos.

General Contributing

Everyone can contribute with code, design, documentation or translation. Visit our contributing guide for more information. Also checkout our Collaboration Guidelines.

Here are some ways you can contribute:


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ScreenPlay - Open Source Live-Wallpaper app for Windows and OSX


ScreenPlay - Open Source Live-Wallpaper app for Windows and OSX is a stunning computer and mobile background available in the Software for category. The original resolution of the video is , with a file size of . Wallpaper has 9,357 views.

How To Install Animated Wallpaper for Free?

1. Pick and download any live wallpaper video from our website. Click the blue button below the video preview to download the video file.
2. Explore our Software Page and choose the launcher that suits your preferences. Download and install it on your pc desktop or mobile phone.
3. Open the launcher, select ScreenPlay - Open Source Live-Wallpaper app for Windows and OSX, and run the downloaded video file to bring your pc desktop or mobile phone screen to life with this stunning live wallpaper.

About Software

Modern versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems do not support animated wallpaper out of the box. As such, a third-party software program, like ours - DesktopHut for Windows, needs to be installed before you can place animated wallpaper on your desktop. Our software is easy to use without any hassle..
Download Software

Use DesktopHut Windows Software

Download Software

Mobile Live Wallpaper App For Android

Download Software

Lively Wallpaper by rocksdanister

Download Macos Software

macOS Live Wallpapers 9.0 Launcher

About Animated Wallpaper

Animated wallpaper is like a mix of a screensaver and regular desktop wallpaper. Just like regular wallpaper, it's the picture you see behind your icons and windows when your computer is idle. But instead of being still, animated wallpaper moves, giving your desktop a lively feel without covering up your icons or windows.

Unlike traditional wallpaper, which stays the same all the time, animated wallpaper can have moving parts. It's sometimes called "live wallpaper" because it's so dynamic.