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So yeah, this is the first wallpaper I have made with puppet warping! In fact, this is the first wallpaper in a very long time that has a central focus on the character, instead of the landscape. There are 2 good reasons why until now I only animated landscape wallpapers, the first reason is that I love landscape wallpapers, and secondly is that I am terrible at animating characters, which can be seen in the 3rd wallpaper that I made.

So yeah, that's the reason why I have avoided wallpapers that have characters as its main focus, because I find those wallpapers much more difficult to animate. The reason why I decided to animate this wallpaper is because its absolutely gorgeous to look at, and it gave me an excuse to try puppet warping, which in my mind turn out pretty ok although I only puppet warping the head tilting, which isn't much.

Also, this wallpaper finally allowed me to use this music again by AK. This is by far my favourite chill songs of all time, and I always wanted to use it again and this wallpaper finally allowed me to because it fits the music well and crucially, I think this wallpaper I made is extremely good. So yeah, an incredible music for the best wallpaper I made so far (personally).


AK - Waiting

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Feeling The Breeze Live Wallpaper


Feeling The Breeze Live Wallpaper is a stunning computer and mobile background available in the Animated Wallpapers category. The original resolution of the file is 1920 x 1080, with a file size of 20 MB. Wallpaper has 810 views and 107 downloads.

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Modern versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems do not support animated wallpaper out of the box. As such, a third-party software program, like ours - DesktopHut for Windows, needs to be installed before you can place animated wallpaper on your desktop. Our software is easy to use without any hassle..
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Lively Wallpaper by rocksdanister

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About Animated Wallpaper

Animated wallpaper is like a mix of a screensaver and regular desktop wallpaper. Just like regular wallpaper, it's the picture you see behind your icons and windows when your computer is idle. But instead of being still, animated wallpaper moves, giving your desktop a lively feel without covering up your icons or windows.

Unlike traditional wallpaper, which stays the same all the time, animated wallpaper can have moving parts. It's sometimes called "live wallpaper" because it's so dynamic.