Komorebi – Linux Live Wallpapers

⚡ Komorebi – Linux Live Wallpapers

What is Komorebi?

Komorebi is an awesome desktop manager for all Linux platforms. It provides fully customizable image and video Live wallpapers that can be tweaked at any time!

How do I install Komorebi?

Two ways:

Packaged install (easy)

  1. Download Komorebi
  2. Install Komorebi using your favorite package installer (aka. double click on it)
  3. Launch Komorebi!

Manual Installing (advanced)

  1. You need libgtop2-dev, libgtk-3-dev, gtk+-3.0 libgtop-2.0 glib-2.0>=2.38 gee-0.8 libwnck-3.0 clutter-gtk-1.0 clutter-1.0 clutter-gst-3.0 cmake valac
  2. git clone //github.com/iabem97/komorebi.git
  3. cd komorebi
  4. mkdir build && cd build
  5. cmake .. && sudo make install && ./komorebi

Change Wallpaper & Desktop Preferences

To change desktop preferences or your wallpaper, right click anywhere on the desktop to show the menu.

How do I create my own wallpaper?

Komorebi provides a simple tool to create your own wallpapers! Simply, open your apps and search for ‘Wallpaper Creator’

You can create either an image or a video wallpaper and you have many different options to customize your very own wallpaper!


If you installed a packaged version of Komorebi

  1. Open Terminal
  2. sudo apt remove komorebi

If you manually installed Komorebi

  1. Open Terminal
  2. cd komorebi/build
  3. sudo make uninstall

Having issues?

After uninstalling, my desktop isn’t working right (blank or no icons)

The latest Komorebi should already have a fix for this issue. If you’ve already uninstalled Komorebi and would like to fix the issue, simply run this (in the Terminal): curl -s //raw.githubusercontent.com/iabem97/komorebi/master/data/Other/postrm | bash -s