Animated Wallpapers on Linux

⚡ Animated Wallpapers on Linux

Took me some time to find a solution but I found a way to make videos/GIFs as backgrounds in linux using Devilspie and common video/gif players:

Should end up with something like this:
Link to spinning cube gif as seen above:

Install these using your distros package manager
- Devilspie
- Gifsicle (For GIFs) or MPV player (For videos)


  1. Put all the *.ds files above into ~/.devilspie and save anibg to any directory and set it as executable.
  2. Restart Devilspie to load the new *.ds files
    killall devilspie
    devilspie &
  3. To load a video or gif file as background run: anibg <file>
  4. Set your DE to run step 3 automatically when it starts.

Note for video background: The anibg script by default doesn't use hardware acceleration so it may end up eating a lot of CPU around 50% as reported by htop, you can instead use the command below it which enables hardware acceleration, but the arguments may vary depending on your hardware, check here and see which one is applicable to yours if it doesn't work. CPU usage with HW acceleration falls down to around 4%. GIFs on the other hand take up at most 0.5%.

This method works by setting the window type of mpv player or gifview to desktop and disabling any mouse/keyboard input into the program. Only caveat is that the wallpaper covers all desktop icons but all panels and docks should be above the wallpaper.

Originaly posted on Reddit by waicool20