Video Preview of Five Nights at Freddys Camera View Interactive Lively Wallpaper

Five Nights at Freddys Camera View Interactive Lively Wallpaper

Warning: Minor flashing (from changing cameras)
Note: Doesn't support mobile!!
Works only with Lively software <Download Here>
FNAF 1 Camera Mechanic, recreated completely from the ground up so people can have an interactive FNAF 1 Camera on their desktop background!

-Interactive camera selection (just like in FNAF!)
-Background Audio (Can be changed via settings)
-Save last location checked upon wallpaper engine restart
-Animatronics that move and make noises!
-Random chance for animatronics (depending on their state and location) to sing/play music.
-Dynamic Time and night
-A small easter egg
-Dynamic Power Percentage! (Based upon your laptops power, or remains at 100% otherwise)
-Camera Automatic Shuffle (Disabled by default, allows the wallpaper to shuffle between different cameras)
-No jumpscares!!!!!!! (Seriously, there's none.)
-Settings to disable light flicker, adjust camera static effect and camera flashes

Credits go to:
Scott Cawthon, for making this wonderful game series!

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Featured on November 11, 2023
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