Shadowverse Arisa With Longbow and Pixies Anime Live Wallpaper

Shadowverse is a digital collectible card game developed and published by Cygames. It was released free-to-play for iOS and Android devices in June 2016. macOS and Windows versions were released in October 2016. Shadowverse employs an anime art style with some illustrations reused from the developer’s previous title, Rage of Bahamut, an earlier digital collectible card game released in 2012. The game has been compared favorably with Hearthstone (2014), a difference being that Cygames sought to minimize the impact of randomness on match outcomes. Another difference is Shadowverse’s “Evolve” game mechanic which allows players to grant played cards bonus stats and effects at the cost of an evolution point. An anime television series adaptation by Zexcs premiered in April 2020. An RPG card game based on the anime, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle was released on the Nintendo Switch in Japan in November 2020. The game will be released overseas in the summer of 2021.
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