How to set live wallpaper on PC

2 min read Live wallpapers are already a huge thing on smartphones & we can’t deny they look super cool. Though video wallpaper for computers consumes more resources & battery power, more than mobile phones. However,Windows laptops & desktop computers make a very good device to display video wallpapers. July 08, 2022 11:28 How to set live wallpaper on PC

1. First, let's start by downloading the DesktopHut software or any other live wallpaper software from our page.  Download here

DesktopHut is a simple yet powerful tool to help you play any video file as a live wallpaper on your desktop. Since the tool is available as a portable version, you can run it directly on your system without installing or setting it up. Also, being a portable program, DesktopHut ensures minimum resources are being consumed while the wallpaper is rendered on the computer.

2. Choose selected software and press the download button.