Ask / RequestCategory: Questionsi-downloaded-a-wallpaper-and-when-i-click-select-live-walppaper-then-play-it-just-comes-up-as-a-white-screen-on-my-desktop
Nathan Davies asked 6 months ago

i downloaded a wallpaper and when i click select live wallpaper then play it, it just comes up as a white screen on my desktop, others work fine so i i\’m not entirely sure its anything to do with my computer, its just this one specific wallpaper that i want that doesn\’t work, anyone know if theirs a way to fix it or can fix it themselves? the wallpaper is called DBS Ultra Blue Vegeta And Ultra Goku Live Wallpaper

1 Answers
⭐️Dhut Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi, try to install latest video codecs and enable windows media player futures if its disabled. Or try to update your windows to the latest version.

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