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Live Wallpaper For Windows 7 With DreamScene Activator

For those who missed the DreamScene features of Win Vista Ultimate, in Win 7, now can add it very easily to Windows 7.

May 14, 2022 14:20 Live Wallpaper For Windows 7 With DreamScene Activator

Download and Run the Win 7 DreamScene Activator as pc Administrator. In any case, you get a scary unhandled exception error, just simply click the button Continue.

Next, you need to click Enable DreamScene.

The Explorer will restart and DreamScene will be successfully enabled.

Firstly this tool will  copy DreamScene.dll to %WinDir%System32 & DreamScene.dll.mui to %WinDir%System32en-US.

After that it will add – required registry keys & values and then it will restart explorer.

After the explorer has restarted, the user will be able to use any Live Wallpaper.

If you need some Live Wallpaper, you can always search for it at DesktopHut.com. The program supports .mpg & .wmv video formats (So you can find online file converters at google.com).

In Win 7 you have to right-click on the chosen video and Set as a desktop background. By right-clicking on the desktop you can stop or play Live Wallpaper!!

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