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4K Animated Wallpaper – Night Elf World of Warcraft Game


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Night elves (or kaldorei, for “children of the stars” in Darnassian), are a powerful and mystical race whose origins extend back to ancient times, being one of the longest-lived and most ancient cultures in existence today. These then-immortal beings were among the first to study magic and let it loose throughout the world nearly ten thousand years before the First War. The founders of a magical and advanced civilization which at its peak spanned the breadth of ancient Kalimdor, the night elves came into a horrific conflict with the Burning Legion but achieved a Pyrrhic victory that ended in the Great Sundering, turning Kalimdor’s landmass into the continents of the present age. The devastation wrought by the chain of events birthed in conceit caused a wholesale shift in direction. Until very recently, the night elves abandoned and completely outlawed the use of arcane magic, fearing its use would draw the Legion back to their world. The main survivors of the Sundering crafted a radically different society centered around druidism, striving to live in harmony and co-existence with nature and its inhabitants, and essentially becoming “venerable guardians” of the natural world as well as the World Tree Nordrassil instead of ruling most of Azeroth as its foremost superpower, in addition reconnecting with the widespread worship of their moon goddess Elune, under the guidance of their leaders Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind. The night elves established their newest capital Darnassus in the boughs of the World Tree Teldrassil off the coasts of northwestern Kalimdor in recent times, where it stood as a living symbol of the night elves’ rich culture and glorious history. The far-reaching and ancient legacy of the night elves shaped them into a race of very self-sufficient and self-conscious individuals, who often display strong streaks of isolationism and eons of accumulated ancient wisdom. The night elves ended a long period of seclusion referred to as the Long Vigil in the aftermath of the Third War, standing with refugees from the Eastern Kingdoms during the Battle of Mount Hyjal. They then began to associate themselves with the Alliance, at least partly in response to the Horde’s continued presence in Ashenvale.


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